Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Spring already doing its thing in Bir

Just back in Delhi from Bir on my way home to the UK after some fantastic flying from Billing. Got to Manali with my old mate Andy Harland on March 21st, helped by a 5500m cloudbase which made the flying technically easy but physically tough. It was VERY cold. I don't know how John and Ed deal with going over 7000m in Pakistan. Good luck to them. My camera battery died with the cold that day, but on the next base was a mere 4700m and I managed to get a few shots of me and my feet (I was all alone) as I flew the high route to Dharamshala and back, via the big stuff over the back. Two dream flights in two days!

Monday, 24 March 2008

Eddie and John off to Karakorum

We're off this April to the Karakorum. We're planning some major vol Biv. It will include flying close to many 7000m mountains and definitely 1 of over 8,000, maybe more.
Shit thats going to be cold and as it's Vol Biv there's no way we can carry the oxygen.
To put youself more in the picture of where we are going; check these out: of John and my first flying trip to the Karakorum (2002). I thought you might like these ones of Johns more recent ones to the same area.

and of course there's John and Alun's award winning "Nowhere" film -

Can't wait. Should be brilliant. Loads of stories to tell, not just the flying. We'll keep you informed on our return.