Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Ominous emails- fantastic flying

The 3rd expedition started with an ominous email – Colin Hawke had hurt himself on a flying trip in the Dolomites, fortunately he was okish but unfortunately he wouldn’t be coming to India. But he’s already booked for next year.

However Kevin Bigland, Greg Walsh and Scott Rigg did turn up and judging from some of their comments had “a near perfect trip” on “the coolest paragliding holiday around”

We had every day being flyable, no serious incidents and personal bests for all the pilots who between them had over 20yrs experience, descents from Aconcagua and a podium place in the 2008 xscotia competition.

Greg’s track logs are representative of what the group did and these photos are a good indicator of how spectacular it was.

Although photo’s often show a great story better:

It was a fantastic trip with great pilots. Jim and I are ready for more this Spring and hope to be seeing some of you guys there.