Thursday, 14 May 2009

Debu does a big one - twice!

Having already gained the Indian out and return record on the 31st March,

On the 14 April Debu managed to break the Indian out and return distance record again with a flight of 211kms from billing to beyond Dahramsala-Mandi and back to Billing.

A fantastic flight. Made all the more brilliant by the fact that he'd announced it as his Spring 2009 goal during the Autumn 2008 interview for his profile in this months xcmag.

Jim was gutted because despite being in India he was not in Bir that day. Although he, Hugh Miller and Debu had some great flying including more visits to Hobbiton and other "Temples in the clouds".


Tom Clowes said...

Hi Eddie and Jim - what news from your latest trips? Been checking for news on your latest adventures on here...! Hope you're all well... Tom

Sky Fox said...

Opps it just happens that when life is busy it's hard to do a blog and then sometime later its still hard because the detail gets a bit blurred. The advantage is that it gets more concise. Hopefully that's because only the best bits get remembered.Ok not just the best bits, obviously the more memorable. Not sure soviet accidents are the best bits. Oh well, I hope so because here goes, I'm going to try to catch up with a whole load of stuff now.